Athena Foods

Athena Foods is a Chilean company with operations in Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia. As a member of the Minerva Foods family, it is a leader in global meat exports from South America to the rest of the globe. As provider of 30% of the meat consumed by the Chilean market, Athena Foods understands the value of a healthy diet and ensures the highest values of quality and taste for the most demanding markets.

Coop. Chortitzer Ltda.

As part of the Chortitzer Cooperative, FrigoChorti is located in the central Paraguayan Chaco, where animals are raised naturally, grass-fed and free of hormone and growth promoters. Its proximity to the cattle ranches guarantees uniformity in the quality of their products.

Coop. Col. Mult. Fernheim Ltda.

An extension of the Cooperativa Colonizadora Multiactiva Fernheim Ltda in the Paraguayan Chaco, Frigochaco’s animals graze natural fields and high quality pastures. Their modern industrial plant meets international quality standards and careful attention is paid to the complete production line, from the raising of cattle to the packaging.

Coop. Multiactiva Neuland Ltda.

Located in the Paraguayan Chaco, it is part of Cooperativa Multiactiva Neuland Ltda. Focused on the meticulous selection of their providers, Neuland’s meat guarantees 100% traceability of livestock, allowing for the production of top-level meats. Most of their providers are members of the cooperative, who raise their animals y natural and healthy environments.


Strategically located in Pedro Juan Caballero, Amambay, Paraguay. Frigonorte was designed with the latest technology to produce, store and trade beef to domestic and international markets. They follow strict international production and security standards, and respect the ethical, cultural and religious values of their customers.

Frigorífico Guaraní S.A.C.I.

Guarani is a pioneer in the development of international markets for the export of Paraguayan meat. It is the exclusive provider of hamburgers to prestigious international restaurant chains in Paraguay and has developed a modern sausage plant. Investments in technology have allowed them to develop export markets for meat and bone meal, as well as the production of biofuel from melted bovine tallow.

Granja Avícola La Blanca S.A

Founded more than 50 years ago by Belgian immigrants in Paraguay, Pechugon is the pioneer of the poultry industry in Paraguay. It has received international quality certifications and own farms, plants and laboratories which allows the control of the complete production line.

Pollpar S.A.

Kzero chickens are raised exclusively with natural feed and come from farms that guarantee the gentle treatment of the animals. The high standards of industrial safety guarantee quality products for the Paraguayan and international markets.

Unión de Productos de Itapúa

Composed of 85 members, producers and agricultural corporations, united with the objective to grow and commercialize production with no intermediation, assuring the best prices and quality. It produces high quality cold cuts and sausages lines with the most modern technology for local and international markets.